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Offshore IT services in Bangladesh

Offshore IT services in Bangladesh: A Beacon of Hope in ICT Sector

What is an IT Outsourcing Company?

Outsourcing is one kind of business practice where a company assigns another party from outside sources to perform certain tasks which were initially supposed to be done by the company. The most common reason behind going for outsourcing lies in its greatest cost-cutting benefit. The practice of outsourcing has proved to be so advantageous that it is used across several industries to make business operations smoother and cost-effective. 

One of the industries where outsourcing is very common is Information Technology. IT outsourcing involves engaging a third party or an external company that will execute assigned IT-related work assigned by a particular business. The tasks may include handling infrastructure, developing and operating the service desk. 

Outsourcing company takes the entire responsibility of providing IT-related support and other maintenance support. The importance of Offshore IT services in Bangladesh comes into play when they successfully provide useful technology products and services. An outsourcing company acts as a third party that works for numerous companies or clients and provides numerous offshore services and technology solutions tailoring to their specific needs. 

Types of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an effective cost-cutting measure that is used by many companies across the world. There are mostly three different kinds of outsourcing which include, onshore outsourcing, nearshore outsourcing, and offshore outsourcing. 

Onshore outsourcing: In this case, a company outsources all its IT services to a company that resides in the same country. This form of outsourcing is very convenient as no one needs to face any sort of cultural barrier.

Then there is nearshore outsourcing. As the term suggests, nearshore outsourcing takes place in a neighboring country. For instance, between the USA and Latin America. Nearshore outsourcing is comparatively cheaper than onshore outsourcing. 

Lastly, there is offshore outsourcing. This form of outsourcing involves assigning IT-related works to an overseas provider. For instance, the USA outsourcing its IT service to India or Bangladesh. Generally, this is the most cost-effective form of outsourcing setting even though problems like time zone difference and other sorts of geographical and cultural issues remain. 

List of IT Services Usually Outsourced    

Web development 

Web development services are greatly outsourced in the IT industry. It mainly requires developing a website for a given company. The web development services are used to formulate and support all forms of web-based software. Other tasks which are also outsourced under the web development category are web engineering, web design, web server, and many others. 

Offshore Staffing

Offshore staffing is more than just saving money. It is more about having access to a huge resource of talent and greatly helps businesses to run functions more smartly in a competitive business environment. It is quite normal for companies to lack all sorts of skills to finish a certain task. In such cases, it is wiser to go for offshore staffing. 

Advisory Services

All forms of the company sooner or later seek tech advice to get a better hold of the company’s activities and progress. Companies may need professional advice from time to time to remain on their toes to deal with market industry trends. 

Data Storage

Outsourcing software functions like data storage are extremely crucial for businesses to store and protect business data. Businesses do not need to stress about finding the right kind of storage server.  

Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

Disaster recovery as a service is a part of cloud computing that helps companies to protect all their information in a third-party cloud computing environment. Companies consider outsourcing this disaster recovery because it is essential for their business survival.

A Brief Outlook on BJIT                                                    

The evolution in technology has become widespread in Bangladesh over the last several years. Such a transformation and development has become possible because companies like BJIT were formed. Around 20 years ago, an offshore software development company, BJIT was formed with a vision of changing the whole prospect of the IT sector in Bangladesh. The company formed as a joint venture company between Japan and Bangladesh and gradually spread its wings in several other countries in the world.

BJIT provides modern technology solutions to clients and has become a major destination of offshore IT services in Bangladesh. The company offers services like custom software design and development, QA and test automation, VLSI, and CAD solutions. BJIT also serves clients with advanced technology solutions that include Blockchain, AI solutions, SAP, Odoo, and many others. BJIT is serving global clients over the last 20 years and has earned the trust of numerous renowned companies which include Sony, Panasonic, Valmet, and many others.  

BJIT is expanding very fast and has a dream of becoming one of the largest offshore software development companies in Bangladesh and wants to make a meaningful contribution to the dream of transforming a digital Bangladesh in the years to come.  

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