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What are the key requirements to be a successful Offshore development center?

Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a phrase that is no longer unfamiliar. As the drive toward offshore software development increases, an offshore development center (ODC) is evidently necessary. It is gradually replacing other options for software development for many IT firms because of its low cost and simple access to a huge pool of technical expertise.

When Might You Need the Assistance of an Offshore Development Center?

An offshore development center (ODC) is a group of integrated offshore employees who are situated abroad and offer software development services to businesses. Simply described, it is a branch of a company that operates internationally.

Which response will you consider first if you want the assistance of skilled developers? In-house staff? Not a flawed concept. But, take a look at your timetable to determine how much time you have left to advertise jobs, have interviews, choose personnel, train them, and give them a few more months to adjust to the setting – the industry… 

Even worse, organizations continue to have a severe lack of software engineering talent. You will almost certainly understand how it feels when you realize that there are just a few months or a little over a year till the formal stakeholder demo of your fantastic product.

For you to recruit qualified staff and gradually adjust to the working environment, the entire procedure will probably take at least three to four months. However, it takes more than a month to locate even a small number of talents, let alone a complete team, without realizing whether they will work for the firm long-term or whether the organization wants to keep a partnership going.

In contrast, aside from programmers and testers, Offshore IT Services in Bangladesh frequently employ globally skilled professionals in all areas of management and technology. These individuals include account managers, HR groups, technical writers, testers, and UI/UX specialists, among others.

Additionally, ODC frequently has cutting-edge infrastructure and technology, which reduces additional costs for offices and equipment.

How Does the Model for Offshore Development Center Work?

Company ODC ModelCustomer ODC Model
In this strategy, the offshore development center receives explicit instructions from the central office. A team will then be chosen in accordance with those specifications. Then, this team will oversee a variety of management and technical duties, such as designing the analytical system, upgrading software, creating new code, etc.
This concept is appropriate for small businesses.
In this model, dedicated offshore development teams are chosen following the requirements of the client or the corporate headquarters. In contrast to the Contractor ODC Model, the main office will be in charge of a much wider range of responsibilities, including team administration and product creation and analysis. The ODC team’s primary focus will be coding.
This strategy is suggested for large businesses that can manage a lot of different duties.

A Checklist to be a Successful Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Here is an offshore development center checklist you must meet before catering to projects to get the best deal possible for your company.

Skills and Performance

It’s critical to establish right away which country will provide the greatest service without blowing your company’s budget. Vietnam is a developing nation that is catching the interest of many global companies in addition to the top two locations for IT outsourcing (Bangladesh and Vietnam). With a strong IT history and a commitment to staying current with emerging technologies, China boasts a large pool of talented software engineers.

Employer Profile

How can you determine which business is right for a partnership? Check out their past projects. Search for their customers’, client testimonials, and interviews. You will learn more about the firm and its operations as a result.

It is advised to collaborate with ODC businesses that have extensive expertise. These businesses have more experience using the best technology for ODC projects. They remain current with technological advances. More significantly, organizations with a proven track record are more likely to be dependable when it comes to protecting projects and information.


Working with an ODC firm in a nation with easy communication will reduce the workload. Employers who wish to lower labor expenses might seek workers in nations like Bangladesh who speak English fluently. Misunderstandings between the client and the Offshore Development Center firm are less likely to occur as a result of this benefit.

The success factors for Bangladeshi Offshore Development Centers

Companies outsourcing to Bangladesh are already claiming an increase of 45–60% annually. Bangladesh has emerged as a leader in offshore development, promising excellent returns in terms of both efficiency and financial rewards. Its distinguishing advantage as a pioneer is that it is the most developed market in the industry. One of the key factors in its success is its population, which is primarily young, English-speaking, competent, and aware of other cultures. The adoption of cutting-edge technology has sustained economic growth, and all the above has made Bangladesh a popular location for offshore development centers.

An offshore development center in Bangladesh offers a wide range of advantages. Below is a list of a few of them:

  • Skills in project management
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Expertise in advanced technologies and skill sets
  • Reduced time to market
  • Access to world-class facilities, services, and innovation

How to Select the Best Offshore Development Center?

Let us now move on to the real work necessary to establish an ODC project, after all of the research and picking of the country and ODC firm.

Organizational Flexibility: It is crucial that each team member fully comprehends their respective roles and duties from the outset.

Security Procedures: Which members will have access to what areas of the project and who has permission to do so.

Choosing a Strategy: Whether a project involves software updates or only reporting, choose your strategy and set a deadline.

Time & Cost of Materials: When the project’s specifications and scope are likely to alter, this approach is advised. Depending on how their project needs to change, clients can add or delete resources. They will be charged in accordance with the real-time and effort the project’ software engineers spent on it.

Fixed Price: This paradigm is appropriate for short-term, modest-sized projects with well-defined scope and requirements. Before the project starts, the scope and price are established, and clients will be billed appropriately.

Hiring Dedicated Resources: This technique is employed for lengthy projects with hazy criteria and scope. Clients will have access to full staff in this approach, and a straightforward price structure will be used. Clients will make a monthly payment that covers the overhead costs, such as the outsourcing provider’s administrative and infrastructural costs, in addition to the salaries of each team member.

Bottom Line

Offshore software development services are very beneficial since they aid businesses in achieving their objectives in the shortest amount of time, within the allocated budget, and without the need to hire extra workers.

In addition to the previously listed factors, the development approach also helps the project succeed. Due to its increased capacity to manage shifting priorities, lower costs, greater time predictability, and rapid product delivery, the agile approach has become especially popular among multinational corporations. Therefore, businesses should seek out offshore partners like BJIT, which uses Agile scrum methodologies and practices.

Additionally, BJIT adheres to the Kaizen Software Development methodology, which stresses attaining continuous improvement through enhancing the company and fostering employee development.

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