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Selling Security is Easy: Combat with Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

Corporate executives are turning to offshore outsourcing to complete many of their business procedures as they search for more streamlined and affordable ways to handle information technology services. 

However, data theft and privacy violations are among the main concerns with offshore cybersecurity monitoring services.

In an era where computer data is king and hackers are those who know how to steal or access restricted digital material, organizations aiming at cybersecurity outsourcing services must verify that outsourcing providers can safeguard their data. The following are examples of the risks that offshore teams unwittingly present to the systems and applications:

• Trojan or virus-ridden software
• Hacker attacks on offshore system defenses
• Offshore teams entering specific client network regions without authorization

In order to address such data security issues, offshore teams should assess their security protocols. The good news is that 68% of cybersecurity managed service providers emphasize data protection when they make the switch to the cloud.

Data Security: What is it?

63% of data breaches are the result of poor outsourcing choices. A breach involving user-provided personal data can result in a significant loss of confidence and a public relations disaster. If a company’s confidential sales and commercial information falls into the wrong hands, it might be devastating and eliminate competitive advantages. Some businesses may even gather or store information with cybersecurity outsourcing, only to discover later that they do not have complete ownership or even control over this data.

Nowadays, data is a strategic asset. Data is now recognized by executive teams and boards as a strategic asset. They want it to be safeguarded, organized and utilized.

Data has both economic and business value:

  • Increased revenue and profitability are the results of business value: Data offers potential for business expansion, product and service development, market-entry, cost reduction, managing partnerships, and customer acquisition.
  • The cost value is represented by money lost or given up, intellectual property, collaborators, clients, privacy, and reputation: The danger of data loss, theft, misuse, appropriation, corruption, or disclosure is what determines the cost value of data.

As a result, outsourcing cybersecurity managed service providers must establish standardized data security controls, processes, and policies to safeguard data from:

  • Data theft
  • Unintentional loss
  • Unauthorized entry

3 Common Challenges Offshore Teams Face Regarding Data Security

Data cannot be protected by a set of technologies, and businesses frequently struggle to manage them. Some of the challenges are:

  1. Issues with IT Technology

Approximately 80% of cybersecurity incidents connected to offshore events are attributable to human error. Lack of awareness training is the issue.

Many businesses combine bigger networks with internal systems. As a consequence, information may be sent between the IT and offshore teams more swiftly. However, it also produces weak connections throughout the system. Any cyber-attack may bring the entire system to a halt.

The use of the internet by overseas teams for work and play is fraught with danger. The dependence on IT and offshore systems increases the danger of cyberattacks.

Additionally, there are hazards associated with the utilization of remote access from the IT domain to offshore teams. The whole network is susceptible to hackers if management and monitoring are not adequately implemented.

The BJIT Solution: BJIT focuses on employing Secure Network Monitoring to manage the setup of expanding, dynamic networks. Our cybersecurity risk management services upgrade the networks that enhance your IT security services by implementing the following strategies:

• Using Internet firewalls; installing, using, and updating antivirus and antispyware software

• Downloading and installing any OS and software updates that are required.

• Manage accessibility to PCs and network components as well as the backup of crucial company data.

• Securing Wi-Fi networks, etc.

  1. Leakage or Disclosure of Intellectual Property

Opportunism or misunderstanding may endanger the security of your data. While working for you, dishonest personnel may sell data to a third party. Or, they may introduce a knockoff item.

IP theft is an issue in the eyes of the law. Therefore, pick the best cybersecurity services and confirm that their suppliers are credible. To prevent issues, provide explicit language in the contracts. Have them sign an NDA if required.

The BJIT Solution: Data security measures may then be prioritized and planned after value-based risk management by BJIT identifies data items and their value to the company. Making an ineffective data protection program—or one that fails to take the worth of different types of data into account—invites issues. These issues include an excessive number of notifications, a false impression of data security, and wasted time, money, and effort, among others.

Our value-based strategy entails:

  • Evaluating the economic and business worth of the enterprise’s data
  • Creating a governance framework that takes the value, uses, users, and locations of the data into account
  • Establishing objectives and a plan for constructing the data protection program
  1. Access to protected data

For security reasons, the dataset has been restricted. If all of your employees have access, it will hurt your management objectives. 

Have an in-depth cybersecurity consulting service about the vulnerability with your offshore development team. Be prepared to respond if there is an attempt. Analyze your systems quickly to check for locked data and establish rights.

The BJIT Solution: By creating a separate repository and a program that consists of the following, BJIT reduces risks:

  • Customized clients’ notice and communication approach 
  • Agreed-upon templates for breach notification plans
  • Data analysis for consumer outreach
  • Walk-through desktop exercises to test assumptions
  • Simulation exercises to verify plans and test procedures, systems, and scripts

The Benefits of Choosing BJIT Managed Data Protection

You may do data discovery and prioritize using BJIT Data Security Management Processes and Technology to learn what data you have, where it is, who uses it, and why.

  • Creating a customized model of continuous data governance for your firm
  • Monitoring data access, preventing data exfiltration, and preventing valuable data from being downloaded to unauthorized devices gives you far more control over your data
  • Giving your users more visibility and access control over the content and context of the data they are using will help them continue to be productive. Included in this are the people who have access to your data, what they are doing with it, and whether their use is authorized in specific situations
  • Provide visibility into possible data breaches to speed up remediation and limit harm

This holistic, programmatic approach to data security offers superior scalability and lessens the overwhelming stress of data theft or breach.

We have the following capabilities in cybersecurity risk management services:

  • Program administration: Apply best practices, translate requirements into action, and link program goals with the value of data to provide results that are business-focused.
  • Ruleset control: Create and alter your own data protection policies based on the regulations that apply to your sector of business. Increase time to value with cutting-edge techniques and skilled engineers at BJIT.
  • Alert Setup: When our analysts see risky activity, they promptly respond and let the client know.
  • Applications Updates: Applications should be tracked, tested, and managed while following strict change management procedures. Perform routine system inspections.
  • Analysis and reporting: Analyze trends and make suggestions for risk reduction.

The Endnote

Data security requirements have surpassed the capabilities, knowledge base, and technology of the majority of enterprises as data becomes increasingly valuable, voluminous, and susceptible. As a result, expectations for data privacy management frequently outweigh resources. BJIT cybersecurity service management is an ISO 9001-certified service provider that uses cutting-edge technology to support business continuity. To find out more about how we can assist you with preserving the highest standards of security while working to maximize the use of your data, get in touch with us right now.

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