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Want to know what Google knows about you?

Google, the most popular search engine on the Internet knows us more than we think. Although it may seem hard to believe, every time we create an account on the Internet, we provide personal data for companies to use as they see fit. I must clarify that we always accept terms and conditions that we never read, but that we should.

It seems impossible to believe that Google can know more about us than our family or friends. The worst thing is that many times we forget that all the history is saved in a centralized place.

The idea of Google is to learn your tastes through a number of methods that are often not public and others so obvious that we do not even realize it. Every time we perform a Google search, write an email in Gmail, use Google Maps or add a phone number to Android… we’re telling the big G that’s what we want.

What does Google know about me?

Search history
The Google search engine is possibly the most visited website in the world, what many users do not know is that all the searches that are made in this tool, are stored.

YouTube History
As with the searches mentioned above, YouTube history is made up of all those videos that we have searched for on this multimedia platform. Additionally, we can configure that this data is no longer stored in our YouTube history.

Software or apps you use
Have you taken the time to read the permissions you grant to applications when installing them?, No?, because you should do it. Check what data the apps you’ve authorized have access to in your Google Account (Gmail account). Revoke the access of those apps that access your personal data.

Connected devices
It may be that you have several devices connected to your Google account (Gmail account), check if they are actually all owned by you or there is some intruder usurping your data.

Mobile devices generally track your geographic location to provide that data to apps or services that need it. All this crawl stories is saved on Google.

Pay attention to the searches you make, surely you have noticed that many times you see ads advertised within your own city. This is because Google collects some of your personal information to create a profile that covers in detail your basic data (age, gender, and interests).

Google lives on the advertising generated minute by minute, do not believe that applications like Documents are free because yes.

Export your data
Understanding all the above, perhaps you have been a little scared, in that case you can export all your information to cut your relationship with Google.

In my case I will continue to use the services because I like it, our privacy depends largely on us read what we accept.