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why lawyers hate marketing agencies

Why Lawyers Hate Marketing Agencies: The Top Five Reasons

The relationship between lawyers and marketing agencies can often be less than ideal. Marketing agencies consistently promise to help lawyers with their branding, marketing strategies, and other aspects of marketing and advertising, but in many cases, these promises don’t come to fruition. In fact, some lawyers claim that marketing agencies have actually damaged their businesses through shoddy work and by making promises they simply can’t keep. Here are the top five reasons why lawyers hate marketing agencies so much.

Clients pay more in the long run

Did you know that marketing to attorneys can be a lucrative business? Actually, even if you don’t realize it yet, there are probably lawyers that pay your salary. Unfortunately, too many agencies forget about their clients and start treating them like leads—leading to higher churn rates and all sorts of unhappy customers. Be smart; take care of your lawyer clients and they’ll be more likely to renew with you when they get hit with new cases. You’ll also gain referrals from these happy clients who will tell other attorneys how great you are at what you do.

Marketing agency involvement leads to rushed projects

Attorneys want to be involved in every aspect of a marketing project, but marketers need to focus on areas they do best. When an attorney is involved too early, they can (and often do) try to control a project. Attorneys often want everything perfect—the messaging, design and even logo before even thinking about launching anything. This may make sense if you’re building a website or software platform that has long-term implications for your company, but it’s not effective for most marketing efforts such as copywriting and social media strategy. Often projects get delayed when attorneys are involved too early. Marketing agencies take credit for agency work: It’s very common for agencies to write their own blogs, send out newsletters and post on social media using their clients’ names. While it might seem like a good idea at first, there are two problems with taking credit for agency work. First, clients don’t always agree with what you’re saying about them or their brand. Second, by taking credit for agency work, you devalue yourself in front of potential new clients who will assume that you’re doing all of your client’s work instead of just helping them execute against strategies created by other professionals at their company. You’ll also look desperate when trying to pitch new business because it looks like all you have going on is work from existing clients.

Working with an agency can make legal services look cheap

If your business is to market legal services, but you’re looking to a firm to handle its marketing, then it’s not unreasonable for clients and prospective clients to conclude that they’re being treated as an afterthought. They may also start questioning how valuable your firm really is. This isn’t just a problem if you’ve hired an outside agency; if one of your employees takes on client-facing duties such as handling service calls or conducting seminars, it can negatively impact your brand too. The best way to combat these perceptions is by making sure that all of your marketing efforts are strategic and are implemented properly by someone with deep expertise in law firms or businesses in general. It’s also important to make sure your team has strong knowledge of local laws and regulations so that any claims made about products or services aren’t misleading. A single slip-up could have a huge negative impact on your reputation, even when everything else you do is top notch. Hiring a professional marketing company with experience in helping attorneys should help prevent any problems from arising in the first place. And if something does go wrong, having an expert around who knows exactly what he or she is doing will help mitigate any damage. It will also give them an opportunity to learn from their mistakes so they can do better next time around.

Agencies aren’t familiar with the law industry

Maybe it’s because you don’t make use of them, but most marketing agencies have no idea how to market to attorneys. They’re used to reaching doctors and dentists, but lawyers require a different approach. Unlike doctor or dentist practices, an attorney runs his or her own business and has more control over how it is run. Law firms are established businesses that have procedures for everything from technology choices to marketing strategies. It takes time for an agency to learn about your industry and tailor their services accordingly. Most will do so after receiving payment in full, which could take months. If you work with a company that doesn’t understand your industry, they might not be able to provide any value at all. It may be best to start working with a lawyer who knows what he or she is doing in terms of marketing (and can also help out with legal issues).

Too many cooks in the kitchen

Many attorneys feel uncomfortable with marketing agencies because they think that these agencies don’t understand lawyers. As attorneys, we are used to doing things in a certain way and don’t want our carefully-planned marketing strategies to be changed or altered by outside parties. However, if your agency has experience working with attorneys and following their strict rules about deadlines and schedules, you can avoid misunderstandings. In fact, most marketing agencies have gone through a process of vetting their employees so that only those who are committed to adhering to client demands remain on staff. If you choose an agency like ours, we will work closely with you from start to finish to ensure that all your goals are met.


As a lawyer, you don’t have time to manage your firm’s marketing strategy. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. And it certainly doesn’t mean you should trust a marketing agency to handle it for you. As an attorney, working knowledge of legal terms and strategies is expected. (Shouldn’t marketing be no different?) That being said, when it comes to creating and implementing your law firm’s marketing strategy…leave it to us! We specialize in delivering marketing solutions that speak directly to attorneys and build long-term value for our clients’ practices. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with all of your online, email, print and social media needs! There are lots of ways to get your content on other people’s blogs, including writing guest posts or getting them to mention you in their posts. Here are some ways that may not occur to you:
When did start? This has been done before by others but it never hurts to remind bloggers who haven’t updated their blogs recently that they might want to do so soon because there are new content opportunities out there waiting for them! You could also offer yourself as a guest blogger or offer yourself as someone who can write about certain topics for them if they want assistance with updating their blogs.

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