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Why is there a certain skewness of AI in the industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taken to be the most revolutionary technology introduced so far. The advent of AI in the world of technology has shifted the paradigm of industry to a greater level. The implications of AI allowed huge strides in business profits; the industry is now worth millions, if not billions. Adding to that, deployment of AI technology and services in almost every service sector, be it software defined or hardware, primary sector or tertiary sector, served the industries to achieve the 4IR goals. AI powered systems make everything easier, faster, flawless and accurate, which are the most sought aspects of a product or projects. Starting from primary sectors of a country like harvesting, irrigations and farming to the heavy industrial automations, AI has made work easier and has cut costs and maximized profits. All this growth in business and in technology compelled engineers and also businessmen to shift to the booming sector of AI. Due to increased demand of AI service provider in businesses the number of AI engineers are also increasing throughout as well, which is leaving a significant trail that the world of business and technology has shifted to the AI sector in the industry.

Understanding AI

We all know that AI has made life easier in every step of the way starting from our daily lives to our professional lives. AI has gained so much popularity because it is a technology that has been able to imitate a human brain at the best of its capacity. The virtues of a human brain to be able to think logically, storing information or data, and then processing those data to learn from it and to create patterns of understanding all these can be done by AI. Having said that , AI is able to imitate a human brain by maneuvering the broad range of highly logical Machine Learning and Deep learning Languages.

These Languages allow a ML/DL developer to create algorithms that make computers think alike human brains.

After training with the algorithms there is a huge amount of data generated from the output, and the companies want to benefit from these data as much as they can to figure out the following:

  • Better understanding of customer demands and behaviors.
  • Finding scopes of automation in the service delivery and productions.
  • Finding trends in the buy/sell rates of a company to avoid faults and maximize profit

Artificial intelligence solutions in Bangladesh

Although Bangladesh is amongst the developing countries, our country has made giant strides with the advent of AI in our tech industry. Bangladesh has become competitive and is outsourcing work done by many software companies and engineers based on AI. Software companies in Bangladesh are creating changes in providing AI solutions to the people starting from micro financing to automating proctorial and system security and many other solutions based on AI. COVID-19 has brought significant change of acceptance of new technologies worldwide and a country like ours was no less of a match. Marching towards the new changes in the tech world and adopting the new AI solutions, we are also outsourcing our work and engineers to offshore companies to provide our AI solutions. AI is a big business; the business is worth billions which makes AI inevitable for companies to employ.

Supposedly, when companies do not wish to create their own development services, cloud and build, network function, test and utilize their own artificial system that is when we outsource our AI services and solutions to offshore.

 Following are a few examples of how these ML/DL algorithms work in the following area:

  • Object and Face detection / Biometrics.
  • Chatting with humans with chatbots 
  • Helping humans to notify them about their household works (turn off switches, turn on thermostats, etc.)
  • Proactive healthcare management
  • Social media monitoring.
  • NLP tools, etc. 
  • cloud digital
  • network function

From this successful implication of AI, the customer service providers derive the following benefits:

  • Staying concentrated on main business
  • Minimizing the risk of investment
  • Increasing the benefits gaining from the services
  • Improving strategic flexibility based on the outcomes
  • Making cost flexible.

The technology growth that the implication of AI has shown throughout the years is uncanny. The advent of AI has changed the industrial dynamics and system as well as it has changed the public eye for technology. Every time a new technology is introduced with AI all the tech-savvy people will acquire or purchase it. Moreover, people unknowingly have become dependent on AI in course of their regular activity at home and outside. People nowadays happen to have less patience and less acceptance for technology that keeps them waiting to provide any kind of service. AI being the savior to this problem by cutting down computational time and making things faster and easier has become more popular. It the natural phenomenon of any system that is tangible or intangible to latch itself onto something that gives them the highest benefit of its capacity. So, this newfound addiction of incorporating AI technology has only become natural these days.   

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