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Get an Inside Look at the Best of the Best With our VIP Travel Blog!

A VIP travel experience may sound like it’s only available to the super-rich, but there are actually several ways to experience luxury on the cheap when you travel. While there’s no need to become an ultra-frugal traveler, there are small changes you can make to your normal routine when traveling that will allow you to enjoy the VIP treatment without breaking the bank. This article will show you how!

Book an Oriental Fashion Luxury Hotel

If you’re looking for a VIP travel experience, book an Oriental Fashion Luxury Hotel. Many of these hotels provide luxury transportation to and from airports, tours that show off local sites, as well as luxury amenities such as butler service. Hotels in Eastern countries can be very affordable if you book with discount sites like Expedia or TripAdvisor, so compare prices when looking for luxurious hotels near your next destination. For example, if you want to stay in North-Eastern Asia, check out the Nikko Tokyo Hoshuko Hotel New Annex which features some of the best Oriental Fashion designs. And we all know how I feel about Japan… especially Tokyo! The design is actually based on Japanese Yamanote trains. Check out one of my faves below! Look at that blue monorail on top!
While many cheap Asian resorts simply use low-quality materials and unprofessional designers, most luxury accommodations have been designed by professionals who know exactly what travelers need—especially those on vacation in a foreign country. The VIP services also mean you won’t have to walk down unfamiliar streets during dark hours; instead, someone will escort you directly to wherever it is you’re going because—in most cases—the resorts are located along very walkable streets.

Book a Round-trip Business Class Ticket

If you want to live like a VIP on your next trip, don’t waste your money on extra-legroom seats. The airline industry’s best deals are offered in round-trip business class fares, but those savings disappear when you book one-way trips. Booking round-trip tickets—and you can likely find sales for two flights for less than $1,000—gives you flexibility and lets you experience VIP treatment every step of your journey. Flights from New York City (JFK) to Tel Aviv (TLV) usually start at about $850 per person in business class in December; Los Angeles (LAX) to Dubai (DXB) is about $1,100 per person each way.

Choose Your Airline Wisely

If you want to make your VIP travel experience affordable, take advantage of your frequent flier miles. If you don’t have miles with one airline, sign up for one and earn some on other flights. Or, if you fly often enough, buy a mileage package and make all or most of your trips work for you. Another smart move is to book multi-stop itineraries; these are cheaper than direct flights on many airlines and offer lots of flexibility. Finally, look into hotels that can accommodate you as part of a VIP travel experience (like Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas). Many will upgrade their guests to suites at no extra charge and even throw in perks like free breakfast. When it comes to VIP experiences at Las Vegas hotels there’s no need for gold cards—just savvy packing!

Use Points, Miles, Etc.

A VIP travel experience generally doesn’t come cheap. But, there are other ways to enjoy VIP-type perks without having to pay for them. Points, miles, and cashback can get you a long way when it comes to travel rewards programs. Many airlines offer elite status as one of their reward options; if you’re willing to spend more on your flights, you can quickly earn free upgrades and enjoy priority boarding privileges. Hotel chains also offer special points and travel packages that let you score free nights at some of your favorite destinations. And companies like OpenTable will even give you free meals on just about any flight if there’s space available!

Upgrade to First Class When Possible

Why settle for the economy when you can easily upgrade to first class on most flights and save hundreds of dollars? It’s easy to do. Just go to your airline’s website and search for your flight, then look for an option that says upgrade or upgrade your ticket. (For some airlines, it’s only available if you’re booking at least three weeks before departure.) When you get there, scroll down until you see an option called something like business class or preferred seating. Click through and pick out whatever seat is available—you’ll see a map of your flight with empty seats shaded in gray. Many times, these are pre-reserved seats but not always; if there aren’t any, check back often because they fill up fast.

Stay at Upper Class Hotels When You Can Afford To

It’s never too early to learn how to budget for travel and still get the VIP treatment. If you want to treat yourself like a celebrity, visit sites like TingoTingo or Hotel Tonight when you can afford it and stay at upper-class hotels; these services often offer discounts of up to 75% off. It doesn’t hurt that staying in an upper-class hotel can also be good for your health – studies have shown that splurging on hotels with plush amenities helps give you better sleep and relaxation. Think of it as investing in your well-being.

Have No Regrets and Enjoy Yourself

Euriental has luxury travel at its core. No matter how grand or simple your tastes are, Euriental is bound to have something to suit them. After all, it’s not just about staying in deluxe accommodation. It’s about enjoying yourself and having no regrets when you return home – because we want you to enjoy yourself so much that you come back and tell everyone else! We make sure that every single one of our VIP guests feels like they’re getting their money’s worth while they travel through some of the most beautiful countries in Europe. If you’re worried about spending too much on luxury travel, Euriental provides great deals and discounts for every visitor.

Follow VIP Travel Experience Blog for More Tips

If you’re looking for some help making your next vacation even more luxurious, then look no further than euriental fashion luxury travel. At euriental fashion luxury travel, we offer tips and tricks on how to make sure your next trip feels like a true VIP experience without breaking the bank. So check out our site today! Don’t Follow Us: Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. Take us as an example—all of our content is totally free but we still manage to create tons of value with it, simply by connecting people with what they want (that is, pretty clothes that aren’t too pricey). Let us be an example that monetizing from day one isn’t always necessary; sometimes just creating real value for your audience will be enough. It may sound counterintuitive but trust us—this is really important! As always, don’t forget to follow euriental fashion luxury travel if you want more great tips like these.

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