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Best IT Company in Bangladesh

An overview on the emergence of the Best IT Company in Bangladesh in 2022

The information technology (IT) of Bangladesh is a global powerhouse for expanding businesses, with rising revenue globally with exponential advances in technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), and virtual reality?

In this article, we’ll debug the top 10 IT companies in Bangladesh to help you decide where to outsource your next big project.

Getting Started

The boom in information technology (IT) began in Bangladesh over the previous two decades, with the establishment of Digital Bangladesh and the market opening to the private sector, as well as clearing the way for global corporations to gain a significant entry to enrich the market. Bangladesh’s IT sector is divided into two primary components: BPOs and Outsourcing IT Services.

Let’s get to know in-depth about the best IT firms in Bangladesh as we discuss the best IT company in Bangladesh 2022 in the article further. 

Software development has been a great contributor toward the emergence of digital adaptation over the previous decade. There have been reliability in consumers and companies on technology as it helped to ensure remarkable business growth. Bangladesh is one of the top countries for addressing corporate software requirements. Bangladeshi developers’ amazing ability, superior infrastructure, and lower pricing are all elements luring potential investors. Bangladesh’s software business has a promising future, and potential investors should consider investing in Bangladesh’s software industry.

The IT Service Industry is one of the booming sectors in the country, successfully providing global clients with the greatest information technology services.

As the world becomes increasingly digitally exclusive, IT companies have become a vital aspect of large corporations. From insurance slips to medical reports; payroll to customer service; contact centres to legal systems the education, every industry is flourishing in the market thanks to technology and software.

The flourishing growth in Bangladesh IT

IT in Bangladesh provides businesses and firms with competence in managing and monitoring technological departments for their clientele. Services such as custom web development, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and network infrastructure are all options.

Nowadays, tech behemoths such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and a slew of others are pouring money into IT in Bangladesh to save costs.

Bangladesh: Asia’s southernmost country, with a large pool of underutilized labor that is cheaper than in other Asian countries, can profit from these measures and provide a platform for foreign investment.

To develop software for your business, you’ll need to discover who the greatest software developers are on the market. The expansion of startups to large-scale corporations in India has created a significant need for software engineers, and there are hundreds of organizations in Bangladesh that are actively providing software services.

Finding the ideal software development partner for your needs is a difficult task for everyone, which is the reason why this article highlights the top 10 IT companies in Bangladesh for 2022 with thorough research from custom software development companies on a global basis, so you can get the most dependable software development partner for your needs.

1.       BJIT Group

What should you know about BJIT Group?

Google, Sony, Panasonic Corporation, NTT Group, Valmet, and many more companies trust BJIT. With 700 skilled consultants and developers, this worldwide software development organization created as a joint venture between Japanese and Bangladeshi companies offers a comprehensive range of software consulting and development services with world-class quality and cost-effectiveness. With CMMI 3 and ISO 9001 certification, they service clients from seven sites across the world with AI and Deep Learning, Fintech, Blockchain, Mobile App, and IoT.

Service line of BJIT:

·         SAP and Salesforce support

·         DevOps

·         Enterprise & Cloud

·         AMS

·         Testing & Automation

·         IT Consultancy

2.       Brain Station

What should you know about Brain Station?

Brain Station develops software in both the global and local markets. Nowadays, the IT industry has grown to nations such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Israel.

Services of Brain Station:

·         Banking Solution

·         Mobile App Development

·         AR-VR Solution

·         Cloud & Cyber Security

·         ERP

·         e-Commerce Solution

·         Business Intelligence

·         ML & AI

3.       Tiger IT

What should you know about Tiger IT?

Tiger IT is a software developer with ten years of expertise. The Automated Fingerprint Identification System was created by one of Bangladesh’s leading software businesses (AFIS). Tiger IT built a full program for the national ID and voter registration project in Bangladesh for the general election in 2008. Tiger IT employs 20,000 people and produces 500 ID management servers.

Tiger IT Services:

·         Managed Security

·         Identity & access management

·         Privileged Account Management (PAM)

4.       Kaz Software

What should you know about Kaz Software?

It is one of Bangladesh’s popular custom software firms. This company employs skilled designers, engineers, and content creators. Kaz Software works in several industries and offers software development and content management services to clients all over the world.

Services of Kaz Software:

·         Software Development

·         Software Quality Assurance

·         Data, Content & Research

·         Ideation, Graphics & Interaction Design

5.       SouthTech Limited

What should you know about SouthTech?

Southtech Group is one of Bangladesh’s major software firms, having been a Microsoft certified solution provider, ISO 9001 certified, and the first CMMI Level 3 assessed software company. The business was founded in 1996. South-tech limited was awarded the gold category of the international arch of Europe award for quality and technology in 2011. At the ‘code warrior challenge,’ the young professional team came in second place.

Services of SouthTech:

·         SouthTech UI/UX Solution

·         SouthTech Data Center

·         Software Development

·         Consultancy

6.       Data Soft

What should you know about Data Soft?

Data Soft is well-known in Bangladesh as the country’s first CMMI Level 5 software development business. In both the business and governmental sectors, Data Soft provides clients with innovative and cost-effective technological services. Through design and creative initiatives, it has made a significant contribution to Bangladesh’s digitalization.

Services of Data Soft:

·         Software Development Solution

·         Software Testing

·         System Management & Implementation

·         Advisory

·         Infrastructure as a service

7.       Welcome Software

What should you know about Welcome Software?

Welcome is on a mission to reimagine marketing for everybody. They cherish trust above all else since it is the core of their ideals. They like working together and believe in the potential of a close-knit team. When faced with a dilemma, employers propose solutions and lead, inspire, and assist their employees.

Solutions by Welcome Software:

·         Campaign Planning & Execution

·         Intake & Resource Management

·         Content Production & Distribution

·         Accelerate and scale content production

·         Brand & Asset Management

·         Performance Measurement

·         Content Marketing

8.       LeadSoft Bangladesh LTD

What should you know about LeadSoft?

The company’s objective is to understand the customer’s business and offer results based on their experience. The company aims to meet the needs of its customers.

Services of LeadSoft:

·         Core Banking Solutions

·         Fintech Applications

·         Enterprise Resource Planning

·         Insurance & Capital Market

·         Data Warehouse & Analytics

·         Blockchain Development

·         Internet of Things Development

·         Artificial Intelligence

·         Mobile Application Development

·         Resource Outsourcing

9.       SkyTech Solutions

What should you know about SkyTech?

SkyTech Solutions has been in the telemarketing and business process outsourcing sector for more than eight years. They hired a slew of professionals to serve as virtual assistants, providing back-office solutions for businesses looking to expand their reach!

Services by SkyTech:

·         Customer Support

·         Back Office Support

·         Telemarketing & Sales

·         Virtual Assistance

·         Content Moderation

·         Image/Video Editing

·         Digital Marketing

·         Web Design & Development

 Wrapping Up

IT in Bangladesh is growing at a rapid pace. All the organizations listed in the article will quench your thirst if you are looking for outsourcing at the best IT firm in Bangladesh – the place you need to be if you want to survive in the marketplace.