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How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup

A Complete Guide: How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup

Discord is a popular voice and text chat app for gamers that can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play. While it can be a great resource for gaming communities, some users may find that discord opens automatically every time they start their computer. This can be frustrating and inconvenient, especially if you’re trying to get work done or use your computer for other purposes. Luckily, there are a few ways to stop discord from opening on startup.

Open Settings
In order to disable autostart for Discord, you need to go into your settings and edit your program data. To get there, click on your username in any application or game window and choose Settings in order to open a new menu. From here, select Applications & Devices > Program Data > Browse C:> Select Discord Step 2: Disable Autostart: Once you’re here, right-click on Discord’s program folder and select Properties as shown above in Step 1. The process for disabling autostart is different depending on which version of Windows 10 (or 8) you’re using: Windows 10 Users: From within Properties, navigate down to General, where there should be an option called Autostart. Disabling Autostart involves removing checkmarks from Load on startup and Run. Click Apply once you’ve made your decision.

Go to Apps
Select Apps from your Settings. The list of applications on your PC will appear. Click on Discord and you’ll be taken to an overview page that tells you how much disk space and memory it’s using. You can choose to close it here or go back by clicking More info (here you have options like disabling autostart). If you do not wish to disable autostart, then skip ahead to Step 3: Right-click and hit Open file location. If you do want to disable Autostart, keep reading! I recommend disabling Autostart for faster startup times and less resource usage overall—but there are also security benefits. Right-click anywhere on your desktop to disable Autostart for Discord in Windows 10. A context menu will pop up in the bottom-left corner of your screen. In that menu, right-click Discord—again!—and select Properties in Windows 10 1809 or Other Tasks> Open File Location in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Find Discord
You’ll first need to find Discord.exe, which is installed by default in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\discord. Windows 10 should have a shortcut in the Start menu and/or taskbar. If not, you can simply open up that folder. You can also enter Discord into your search bar on Windows 7 or 8 and it will pop up; likewise with any recent version of Mac OS X. The shortcut method is generally better—no need to risk mistakes navigating! When you launch discord, select Quit after reading through its splash message. Step 4: Disable Auto-Start: While discord’s message says launching it at startup uses a feature called a seamless startup, we’ll disable auto-start just to be safe. This step isn’t necessary for every app you’d like to avoid auto-starting on PC and Mac, but some might require additional actions that aren’t quite as simple as stopping an application’s autostart behavior.

Uncheck Launch When PC boots
This is where you uncheck Launch when your PC boots so that it doesn’t open every time you start up your computer. The next three sections are for customizing Discord’s appearance and function. The right settings guide will tell you more about these options. Once everything looks good, click Save Changes at the bottom-right corner of your screen and exit out of Discord once again. Now, whenever you restart your computer or turn off your system entirely, Discord won’t automatically open. It will still be there waiting for you when you want to jump back into chatting with friends!

Check That the App Doesn’t Automatically Start When Closing Down PC
Open Settings and click Privacy > Start. Look for an option called Autostart or Apps That Automatically Start. Disable it by unchecking the application’s name. If you don’t see any apps, right-click on Start in Windows 10 and select Properties, then go to the Startup tab, where you can disable all startup apps. Don’t worry if Discord isn’t listed there; it’ll still open at startup if you haven’t disabled that option already in your User Account Control settings. Now close down Discord and check whether it opens automatically when rebooting your PC. Make sure you don’t have Discord installed as a service either (you can find out how to disable services here). This will ensure Discord won’t start even after a restart. Step 6: Disable Automatic Updates for Discord In Windows 10: Go back into Settings and make sure Automatic Updates are off (unchecked). This will prevent new versions of software from being downloaded and installed without your permission. Then update only when you’re ready. Also, remember that automatic updates aren’t entirely safe, so weigh up those risks before making changes to these settings! Step 7: Disable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) You need remote desktop access turned off until you’ve finished installing anti-virus software.

Restart Computer
When you get back up and running, disable autostart for Discord. To do so, first, check in your task manager whether it’s still running. If it is, end its process by right-clicking on its taskbar icon (or hitting Ctrl+Shift+Escape) and clicking End Task. Then launch Discord again (it will open automatically if you set things up correctly), go to Options > Startup, uncheck Open Discord when my computer starts, then click Save Changes. Finally, exit out of both programs. Restart your computer once more for good measure. And that’s it! Your slow-as-molasses computer is a thing of the past! Okay, maybe not a thing of the past, but at least your performance should be better than ever. One last note: We recommend against disabling autostart with any other applications. Some have serious bugs or malware infections—turning off autostart with them could lead to system problems and data loss.

Causes of Discord opening on startup
Since you did not provide any other information about your computer, it is hard to be more specific about what is causing Discord to open at startup. However, it may help if I explain how Windows and apps run as part of their normal boot process. There are 3 different types of programs that are started during startup: 1) Programs set up in Task Scheduler, 2) Programs that install autostart settings when they are installed (usually with a checkbox marked run at startup), and 3) Programs that you start manually (by double-clicking them). Also, if you have added non-program shortcuts (like .lnk files), those can also start programs at the startup.

Solutions to stop Discord from opening on startup
Discord can be a great tool for talking with other people about gaming, but if you’re not careful it can also quickly devour your internet connection. Fortunately, there are several ways to disable Discord from starting at startup and potentially improve your PC performance. Here’s how: 1) Exit out of discord by pressing Ctrl+Q or clicking the X in your system tray. 2) Find your discord folder, which is located at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Discord by default. 3) You should see a number of files/folders in that folder (depending on how much space you’ve used). 4) Rename the client registry. blob so that it has no file extension (i.e., from client registry. blob to client registry). 5) Delete all remaining .dll files in that folder (search for *.dll ). 6) Restart your computer and try launching Discord again after waiting 30 seconds or so – make sure nothing pops up immediately after startup!

While it may sound complicated, creating a desktop shortcut is simple. First, locate your discord icon (should be pinned somewhere). Then, right-click and select create the shortcut. You should now have a new icon located in your desktop area (most likely pinned). To disable autostart, simply edit that shortcut by clicking on properties and changing start in to open as an administrator. Click apply and you should notice that your new shortcut is called something like discord_admin instead of simply discord. In Windows 8+, right-click -> properties -> compatibility -> run as administrator -> OK = Profit!

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