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7 Natural Looking Nail Ideas

The colours featured in the image above range from rich, earthy hues to sky-high sparkles and each of them can be applied to your nails without looking too artificial. Keep reading if you’d like to give one of these looks a whirl! We’ll share with you the best coral nail ideas, dark blue nail ideas, sparkly nail ideas, coral pink nails, blue sparkly nails, green and white nail designs, and red and blue nails designs in the list below. These seven natural-looking nail ideas will inspire you to try something new without feeling unnatural or unprofessional on the job or out on the town!

Coral Nail Ideas

If you’re looking for some coral nail ideas, use a base coat that’s a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. As your nails dry, add layer after layer of coral polish, avoiding thicker applications around your cuticles and tips. You want to use thin layers so that your polish seems as though it’s sinking into your nail colour when in reality it’s sitting on top of it. This will give you a stained effect that looks more subtle and natural than if you had added bright coral or orange hues. It also gives them an interesting texture with lots of dimensions once they’re dry. Also, don’t forget to use a clear top coat to seal everything in. This is an easy way to make sure that your coral nail ideas look professional. And, bonus: You can create a different look by choosing coral shades from different parts of the colour spectrum—something bolder at your tips and something softer at your cuticles.

Dark Blue Nail Ideas

For a dark blue nail idea, choose colors like royal blue, navy or powder blue. These colors can be easily worn with your workplace attire, from formal suits to office wear. However, avoid using darker shades of blues as it may seem gothic and is not recommended for work environments. Instead, use a lighter shade for daytime wear during summer and nighttime when dressing up for parties. Alternatively, you could go with natural colors like beige that would fit every type of occasion without being too much on your nails or on your clothing ensemble. An example of a dark blue nail design: (source) Sparkly nail ideas: If you want sparkly nails but don’t want them to look too fake then try creating designs using these sparkles instead of having an entire color painted over your entire fingernails.

Sparkly Nail Ideas

Sparkly Nail Ideas

If you’re feeling festive, it’s super easy to spruce up your nails by adding a coat of sparkly glitter polish. You can even paint one nail with a bold color and add some sparkles on one or two of your other nails.If you’re looking for a delicate glitter, a tiny topcoat might work wonders! Just make sure to always apply a base coat first for maximum durability. To really show off those sparkling gems, be sure to wear dark blue nail ideas underneath. Dark colors make your lighter ones pop! For an extra special touch, try coral nail ideas , which look absolutely amazing against dark blues and purples. And don’t forget about using an old bottle cap as a mini stamping plate—you won’t believe how much more fun it is to put on glittery polish when you have adorable designs at your fingertips!
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Half Painted Nails

Half Painted Nails

If you want to paint your nails but don’t want to do a full manicure, you can achieve a half-painted look with just a base coat. The colour will be bolder and darker, which is visually appealing and easy to maintain. If you want your nails to be perfectly polished, add a clear topcoat or gel polish after waiting for your nails to dry completely; otherwise, they might get chipped or damaged. Since it’s not fully painted on, your nails will also have more flexibility and won’t break as easily. You can switch out colours throughout the week if you like, since all that’s required is some nail polish remover and a cotton ball or pad. You could even try alternating between two different colours each day! Whatever you choose, your nails will still look shiny and healthy.
There are so many different designs that people enjoy when it comes to their hands and feet. These ideas can work for anyone who wants something different than plain old black nail polish or bright red nail art designs. Why not give these natural-looking ones a try? It may take some practice before perfecting them yourself, but when you get them right, they’ll look amazing!

Blue Sparkly Nails

Blue Sparkly Nails

If you’re looking for some easy sparkly nail ideas, try a simple glitter manicure. Blue is a great colour to start with because it complements most skin tones and comes in so many different shades. You can go traditional at holiday parties with deep sapphire blue or choose something lighter for day to day like soft turquoise. Keep your tips clear of glitter for a more subtle look, but add on a generous layer of sparkle down at the base of your nails. Using both hands, dip each nail into water mixed with liquid glue and shake off any excess—the extra moisture helps get rid of any bubbles that may be trapped under your wet coat of glitter. Let dry completely before applying another layer. Finish with a topcoat to seal everything in place.

Green and White Nail Designs

Source: Pinterest

Green and white nails are timeless. This means that it will never go out of style. It is also a creative way to wear nail polish without putting in much effort. Wear green on your favourite finger while sporting white on others. The two colours can be combined by painting some parts of your fingernails with white polish and other parts with green paint. To create simple black accent nails, first use two coats of black nail polish on all fingernails except your ring finger, which should be covered with just one coat of silver nail paint. Put a coat of clear topcoat on each fingernail and let it dry for about five minutes before applying a second layer over each nail.. Add glitter or rhinestones to make any design more unique and fun! You can even add third colour if you want to really spice things up. Try using red for an eye-catching look. You might even want to try mixing several different colours together, like pink, blue, and yellow, for something really special.

Red and Blue Nails Designs

Red and Blue Nails Designs

Red and blue are complementary colours, which means they enhance each other to create an incredibly bold and sexy look. Paint your nails first, then take a paintbrush dipped in a little bit of blue polish, and dab it on to make an artistic X shape at each tip. If you’re feeling extra brave (or want to hide imperfections), paint a skinny line of blue on either side of your nail. Apply a clear topcoat when done for added durability. It’s best to use lighter shades of red and blue for natural-looking results. A dark shade of red can be great for special occasions, but might not translate well into everyday wear. To get started, try Essie Lady Like or OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress. Blue colour options include OPI Def Defying or China Glaze Starboard.


If you’re trying to stay away from harsh chemicals, but you’re still interested in achieving a great manicure, opt for one of these natural options. There are plenty of great colour options and application techniques, so you can be both natural and lovely at once. Plus, if nail art isn’t your thing, there are tons of more subtle options that will help keep your nails looking fresh. All it takes is a little bit of time and patience! Good luck!

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