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10 Things That Should Stop In The World

10 Things That Should Stop In The World, ASAP

Before it’s too late, there are some things we really need to stop doing in the world. Sometimes, the simplest things can do the most damage, which is why I think that these 10 things need to stop right now before they become an even bigger problem than they already are. So, without further ado, here are 10 things that should stop in the world ASAP.

No more should war, ever. It’s not necessary to have all of us strive for one person to be better off than another. If there is a misunderstanding, can we try resolving it diplomatically first? Why must there always be a winner and a loser? These types of competitions create hate and distance between us humans. I say we stop starting wars right now! Just stop it! Why must people die? Take all that money you would use to buy weapons and give it to organizations helping refugees instead. Stop in the world! Or at least let’s make some major changes around how warfare is conducted by holding governments accountable for their actions.

There are over 1 billion undernourished people in the world. In countries like India and Cambodia—and even our own inner cities—access to clean water and nutritious food is tough. And yet we still throw away an estimated 1.3 billion tons of food a year, according to National Geographic. This should stop. A good way to fight hunger: Become a global citizen through programs such as Global Brigades, in which volunteers work on sustainable agriculture projects around the world; participate in hunger walks (you can join one near you here ), or volunteer with local organizations like Feeding America or Meals on Wheels.

There is no reason why anybody should live in poverty. It costs money to feed, house and clothes somebody — giving people with nothing a chance to do something for themselves is a win-win situation. And yet, sadly many people continue to live in abject poverty around the world due to famine and war. We need change at all levels of society if we are going to be able to end global poverty. This doesn’t mean just bringing food aid or giving out clothes. Sustainable development programs will help lift families out of their circumstances and give them support to move forward on their own. Eliminating global poverty needs to become an international priority so that it can become an issue that stops in the world, ASAP!

One of my biggest frustrations with life is when people are just plain ignorant. Do your research. Look up something before asking or making an assumption about it. There’s a lot of knowledge out there and it’s easy to know more than you think if you take some time to look around and ask questions. Ignorance isn’t cute, so stop trying to be cool by sounding like a fool and use your words correctly.

Animal Abuse
Seriously, what is wrong with people? Stop beating your pets. Stop abusing animals. Sure, there’s a fine line between discipline and abuse (and most of us don’t even know where that line is), but it should stop at slapping an animal around when it does something you don’t like. When was beating your dog for getting on your bed a good idea? And when did confining a dog in a crate all day long suddenly become cruel and unusual punishment? Of course, I understand that many dogs are now considered members of the family, but that doesn’t give you free rein to treat them however you want—particularly if they aren’t doing anything wrong.

Environmental Destruction
Pollution is a reality in most cities in many countries around the world. Government bodies have been getting more and more regulations to protect our environment from destruction. However, we often forget about one of those sources that are destroying our environment: ourselves. Here are ten things that should stop happening in order to save our planet #1. Stop littering; #2. Stop wasting water; #3. Stop throwing garbage out of your car window; and #4. Stop cutting down trees just because you can afford an air conditioner (or fan).

Human Trafficking
According to UNICEF, human trafficking is a $32 billion business. This illegal activity enslaves roughly 20.9 million people worldwide—that’s more than twice as many people as are enslaved in forced labour today. If you find yourself in agreement with these 10 things that should stop in the world, then you must also believe that we need to work together and support organizations such as UNICEF and Break Free to put an end to human trafficking. By taking action on our individual levels, we can change lives—and one day save millions of people from a lifetime of misery. (Via DailyWorth)

We talk about bullying in schools and playgrounds a lot, but that’s not where it ends. Bullying also happens on social media sites like Facebook. If you see someone being bullied on these sites don’t be afraid to report it to Facebook. By reporting it you can help stop bullying from happening to anyone else! You can report bullying by clicking on More (the three dots) at the top right corner of your friend’s post or photo and choosing Report > It’s abusive or offensive > I don’t want to see posts like these in my News Feed > Copy post ID number > Next > Submit. It helps if you report people for offensive comments as well as for threats and insults. Also don’t retaliate or call out bullies — ignore them. They’re usually trying to get a reaction out of you. This isn’t something new; it started off online and has been going on for years now. The more we stop racism/prejudice with words, is actually just creating more hate within our communities and even families, which then creates violence all around us. So do your part to stop racism/prejudice – let’s all make a difference before we suffer any major losses as a world… Let us know what should stop in our world too: What should stop in our world?

The Illusion of Perfection
A lot of people don’t like to admit it, but a certain level of insecurity is normal. The delusion that we are somehow better than other people or that we have it all together is just an illusion. Humans aren’t perfect and there are things that should stop in the world. For example, perfectionism and beating yourself up over mistakes made along your path toward success can stop in the world immediately. Other things include gossiping and complaining about petty things. Making lists on bullet journals is great for productivity when used properly instead of beating yourself up about mistakes that happened months ago. All humans make mistakes so don’t fret about being human – just enjoy life and what you’ve got! 🙂

Corruption and greed
Every year in every country around the world people lose billions of dollars through corruption and greed. These ten countries account for over 80% of all illicit financial flows: China, Russia, Mexico, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia and Brazil. Until we stop these greedy people from looting their country’s resources and capital it’s going to continue to get worse as new technology makes it easier than ever to move money illegally. Greed has always been a human condition but that doesn’t mean we have to let it destroy us as a species. We must stop those who steal from their own people and make sure they face real punishment not just another day in court or a slap on their wrist like they usually do now.

A stop list is just a shortlist of things we should stop doing to make our world a better place. It helps people to move past old behaviours and start living new lives where they can reach their goals in life. A person will feel happy about themselves because their thinking has changed for a better life. They learn more about their environment and how it affects them which helps them make changes in their behaviour that lead to positive outcomes. Stop lists help people to change their focus on what’s wrong with themselves and others and look at what they can do right to create a better outcome in life.